Somersaults Monday 6:40

Level: Somersaults


Vision Gymnastics' Preschool Gymnastics Program is a developmental sequence of movements taught utilizing games, obstacle courses, special equipment, drills and gymnastics. Fundamental motor, gross motor, locomotion, and manipulative skills are all incorporated into a well structured lesson plan specially designed for children 2 to 5 years old. Through innovative, challenging lessons, our Preschool Program strives to develop and fine-tune many essential qualities in each child. Grouped by age and skill level, our beginners participate and learn in an atmosphere that enables every child to be successful, thus increasing each child's level of self-esteem. This positive desire to achieve then carries over into their daily encounters outside of Vision Gymnastics.


Vision Gymnastics has 2 levels of Preschool Gymnastics Classes grouped by both skill level and child's age as of September 1st of the current school year.


Somersaults is for girls, ages 3-5 years old who have no prior gymnastics experience and for returning students who haven't completed the Somersaults curriculum.  Girls will attend the class independently without a parent or caregiver.  Somersaults is 50 minutes and will meet either upstairs in the Multi-Purpose classroom or in the main gym at gym/coach discretion.


Flip Flops is for girls, ages 4-5 years old, who have completed the Somersaults class or the equivalent (as determined by a Vision coach through an evaluation).  Flip Flops is 60 minutes and will be held in the main gym.