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Welcome to our new Members' Portal!


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If you are new to the members' portal (or can't remember your password), please click Forgot Password and type in the email address we usually use to contact you. We will send you a temporary password to log in (which you can then change to something more memorable once you've logged in).

If the portal does not recognise the email you provide, please contact us and we'll check it out at our end. Please don't just try registering again, as this creates a duplicate record for you in the system.

New to Warehouse Circus?

Please click Create an Account and follow the instructions to set up your membership. Once you have an account, you can add additional family and participant information.

At the moment you can: 

  • Check and update your family and participant details.
  • Manage Class enrolments and requests.
  • Register and manage automatic payment options.
  • Review and accept policies.

Please note: We are still processing class wait-lists through the new system. Until we finalise all of this, the website might show open places for a class even though the class has a wait-list for those places. We are processing these requests according to our existing wait-list order, so please still submit an enrolment request to confirm your interest in the class.

If you experience any problems do not hesitate to call the office on 02 6260 3626.