Performance Troupe (Chifley)

Level: Performance Troupe - Entry by Trainer Recommendation

A participant in a Next Step Troupe will be considered for a Warehouse Circus Performance Troupe when they:

There must also be suitable space available in a Performance Troupe.

Performance Troupes

Performance Troupes are run on Monday Evenings in Chifley and Kaleen and are just one part of the package for young artists – Performance Troupes are general advanced training as a troupe which is kind of like an artist’s ‘home room’ at Warehouse Circus. 

Performance Troupe Cost: $280 (as a stand alone class) or $250 as a part of a Performance Package.

After enrolling in a Performance Troupe, artists can select what their Performance Package will look like based on their ability to make additional training sessions and performances.