Spin Out - Adults (Chifley)

Level: Spin Out - For People with Complex and/or Multiple Disabilities

Spin Out uses circus as therapy! It is a fantastic weekly program, run by Warehouse Circus, that specifically caters to people with a range of disabilities. A great post-school option for those who are looking for thereapeutic activities after graduating high school!
Spin Out began in 2013 as an in school project at Black Mountain and Woden schools. The project was funded for one year by the ACT Government and involved  the delivery of circus programs throughout the school term, professional development for staff and the modification of training methods to cater for the diverse needs of the groups. Spin Out extended to include adults with ASD through a partnership with Sharing Places.

Benefits for participants

Our Spin Out! participants have demonstrated an improvement in:
– Physical engagement, strength and fitness
– Mobility, coordination, balance, hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills
– Visual, spatial and biological awareness
– Problem solving and perseverance
– Self-confidence and motivation to become more engaged in other social/community activities
– Social engagement and team work

Who runs the classes?

Spin Out! is run by our highly qualified circus trainers, who have extensive experience in teaching circus to all ages and abilities as well as specific training in ASD, Occupational Therapy (OT), and Holistic Circus Therapy. We also have access to an OT who works closely with Warehouse Circus. We can organise an individual consultation with them in our circus space if requested at the participant’s own cost.

What circus activities will participants be doing?

Juggling, spinning plates, hoops, poi, trick sticks, pedalo, beam, unicycle, tumbling, trampoline, aerial activities and more!
Activities and equipment are often modified and adapted as needed to enable the participants to progress to the best of their ability.

How do we cater for individuals?

Each participant undergoes an OT based assessment. Their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional strengths and needs are identified and translated into achievable circus therapy goals. These specific goals will also be based on information provided by parents, support workers, therapists, and of course from the participants themselves. The activities in their program are designed to be challenging yet achievable, thereby ensuring a sense of accomplishment and progress. Goals are tracked and revised as required throughout the program, in order for individual participants to gain the most out of their experience.

NDIS and Support Workers

Warehouse Circus is not a registered NDIS provider, however many of our participants who qualify for NDIS receive funding for the extra support they need. Please speak with us for more information. As the class is targeted for people with high needs and other disabilities, all participants will need to either bring a support worker (at no extra cost) or demonstrate a level of independence and self-reliance to bring themselves to class, and participate and communicate with trainers as part of their enrolment.