Tiny Tribes (Chifley)

Level: Entry Level Core Class - Open to New and Existing Participants



$200 per term for one adult and one 0 - 5 yr old

$100 per term additional for each additional 0 - 5 yr old

Family Discounts available. Fees pro-rated for mid-term enrolments.



Tiny Tribes has been created specifically for families with multiple children aged 5 or younger. Think 'Mums/Dads and Bubs' plus older siblings! This is your one stop circus shop for learning circus with your children. Activities are designed to engage both adults and children. This class teaches participants the basic core movements and activities essential for development including jumping, rolling, throwing, catching, balance and co-ordination, while encompassing a relaxing stretch and basic circus skills for adults. A minimum of one adult must be enrolled for each family enrolling.