Flying Trapeze Next Step (Kaleen)

Level: Entry Level Core Class - Open to New and Existing Participants



Location: UC High School Kaleen School Farm, 104 Baldwin Drive, Kaleen ACT 2617.

Park at The Kaleen and District Tennis Club which is situated at the end of Birie Place, off Diamantina Cresent. From there walk towards the farm area of the school, you should see the poles of the trapeze. Please be aware that we will be on the school farm, you are most welcome to pat a goat or a chicken but try not to let them out of the gates!


$440 per term (8 Weeks)

As we use an outdoor flying trapeze rig, we allocate two weeks at the end of every term for make-up classes in case of cancellations due to bad weather. In the case that no classes are cancelled throughout the term, an additional two weeks of classes will be available for $55/class.


Open to ages 8 and up, including adults. Prior experience in flying trapeze required.


Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Now you can learn to defy gravity in a weekly flying trapeze class! Build your strength, stamina, and confidence over the term under the watchful eyes of our highly-skilled trainers on our very own flying trapeze rig.

Located in the gardens of UC High School Kaleen, this class will have a focus on teaching safe and sustainable techniques to keep you flying for years to come. You’ll work with your classmates and trainers to create a solid grounding of basic techniques for both swinging and catching, with the opportunity to progress to more advanced skills such as dismounting tricks throughout the program. Classes will include thorough warm up and cool down time to account for the intense workout involved in correct flying trapeze use, and you can be sure that you’ll be seeing the results of your training by the end of the term.

Wear comfortable clothes (tights or longer pants are preferable),  hat, sunglasses, water bottle and shoes you can slip on and off. Please put on sunscreen before you arrive and wash your hands and forearms to ensure they are not slippery.

This is Canberra’s first and only weekly flying trapeze class. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, enrol now for Term 4, 2019!