Flyers - MON/PM (Invite Only) (Inactive)


Rec_Bars_Fotor-medThis FUN 55-minute class is for girls who have successfully learned all skills at the Beginner Levels. Kids in this class will get pulled into their own group because they have good body awareness and are ready to start learning more advanced basic skills.

Our goal is for every kiddo to learn and grow in a positive non-competitive environment and leave every class sweating and smiling. Our Girls focus on learning all four Women’s Events: Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. This Program can feed into our Competitive Program but is not a necessary step at any point. This program is solidly immersed in our 5 pillars; which are the things we want every gymnasts experience in this program. They are FUN, RELATIONSHIP, PERSEVERANCE, SAFETY, INCLUSIVITY. Our coaches teach with these in mind in everything they do!