Tumble Stars Acro Dance, Aerials & Back Handsprings (T501) CLOSING (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Delaney Campbell


$89 Monthly Tuition (full session commitment recommended)

Class meets once per week for 1 hour


Prorated prices apply for mid-session enrollments.  When registering, you may choose which billing cycle you prefer (Session Pay in Full or Monthly Autopay).

This is a unique class geared towards dance acro i.e. aerials, front aerials, front and back walk-overs and back handsprings.  e will utilize our pit and trampoline training to make learning these skills easier than on a hard dance floor.  You'll use these skills to increase the difficulty of your dance routines.  These skills can enhance your performance as a gymnast, dancer or cheerleader.  All levels are welcome to join this class!