Preschool ShootingStars (M5:00)

Instructor(s): Amy Lienemann

Our Preschool Stars program is designed to help enhance the development of your child's motor and social skills while they learn basic gymnastics in a safe environment.

PreschoolStars offers both physical and cognitive learning experiences by incorporating letters, numbers, and pictures. Through gymnastics instruction, your child will learn labeling, counting, matching, creativity, and social skills, as well as motor-skill development, and other important preschool concepts.     

8-Week Session - $98.00 (or 2 monthly installments of $49)
12-Week Session - $147.00 (or 3 monthly installments of $49)

The price shown reflects the cost for the full session.  Prices will be prorated when students begin classes mid-session.  We also offer a monthly autopay option, which bills the session tuition in equal monthly installments.  When registering, you may choose which billing cycle you prefer (Session Pay in Full or Monthly Autopay).  We require a full-session commitment regardless of which billing option you choose.