Level: LEVEL 4

Recreational Intermediate Gymnastics Levels 4

Grade(s): 1-12                                                 Meetings per week: 1   1.15

            Gymnastics training lessons with focus on skill development at the mind-level of the sport for girls and boys. Classes are divided with longer sessions on each of the following events, Uneven Bars, Beam, Vault, Trampoline and Floor Exercise.  Boy’s classes will include Parallel Bars and Rings.  Training will include: walkovers, back & front Handsprings, swinging, vaulting basics and more advanced trampoline skills.   A portion of the session is devoted to strength training and conditioning for aerobic and cardiovascular benefit. Athletic safety skills are taught weekly. Students are in skill level appropriate groups of 8 to 1 student/teacher ratio. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in a “mock meet” during the winter session. A written skill level evaluation is produced for the family twice each season.

Core Training Skills on Floor Exercise and Uneven Bars for Level 4-5:

              Level Four: In Level four, students will be mastering back and front walkovers. They also will be introduced to the beginning drills for back handsprings. Emphasis will be made on body positions along with proper start and finishes along with safety drills for each new skill. Uneven Bar skills will include: Tap swings, back hip circles and conditioning skills to gain upper body strength.