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Welcome to our Parent Portal! Please sign in or create a new account.

If you do not know your password, please click forgot password and type in your email address. We will send you a temporary password to log in.

If it does not recognize the email you provide, but you have an account with our gym, please contact us about your account.

 PLEASE read all the information associated with this account in order to sign your child up for class. 


  • Thank you for registering with us at Xtreme Amplitude.  We look forward to meeting everyone! Please note when you pick the first class for your child, it will be full price.  Every additional class for that child is 30% off the original price.  This is the same scenario for your second child...first class is full price, the second class is 30% off.  Military and law enforcement get an additional 10% off the total so please let us know in the notes if you qualify. 


  • After adding each class to your cart and you will be required to complete the transaction and you will not be charged until we manually approve the charges on our end and ensure that all discounts are added to your account.  You will be required to enter payment information to complete your transaction, but will not be charged until we approve the request.  You will be charged $65 for your first child and $20 for an additional child in your family for a registration fee.  That charge will occur the day you submit your credit card info as long as you are requesting a class or classes.  You will not be charged a fee if you have not requested classes.  On the first of every month, you will be charged your monthly tuition only.  Payment is due by the 5th of every month or you will be charged a late fee of $27.  If payment is not made by the 15th, your child will be dropped from the class and not allowed to re-enroll until balance and next month is paid in full.  


  • Thank you, everyone, for your understanding and patience as we navigate this new system.  We understand it may be confusing but we do want to ensure everyone is getting the best price and all the discounts they qualify for.  If there are any questions, please email us at xtremeamplitude@hotmail.com


Riana, Echo & entire XA staff