F19 FX Jr. Jazz | Competition Team

Instructor(s): Ashley Proietto

Level: Intermediate

**Registration is now open. If you are an Extreme Dancer you must submit the Extreme Dance Form and will be registered for all classes by a staff member**

F19 FX Jr. Jazz | Competition (Ages 9+) *Audition placement  
Ashley Gartner

FX Jr Jazz Competition team will be selected by Audition on Saturday Aug 10, 2019 

Audition based competition team.  Stylized competitive Jazz choreography. 

Pre-Requisite: Must be taken in conjunction with an additional classes for technique.

Shoes & Cost: 2 pair of Half Soles $25 /each ( class and comp)

Advanced Competition classes will require an additional costume purchase ($65-$85) in additional to the competition shoes/sneakers. All Competition fees are parent responsibility and are not included in the class fee.  Competition registration will be due prior to each competition.

Apparel for class: Comfortable dance attire. 

Mon. 5:45-6:30 pm

$190 Semester ($180 Members) | $47.50 Monthly