WS20 Pre-Pointe (Ages 13+)

Instructor(s): Holly James

Level: Advanced

**The Winter/Spring Dance Semester begins the week of February 10**

WS20 Ballet 5 Technique & Pre-Pointe (Ages 13+)
Holly James

Advanced Ballet technique, choreography, terminology & strength training for core ankles, knees and hips. Additional introduction to Pre-Pointe and beginner Pointe work (12+). *SKILL BASED PLACEMENT

Pre-Requisites: Ballet 5 or Adult Ballet and Instructor Approval 

Shoes & Cost: Stretch Ballet shoes ($30-$40)  **When instructor verified we will recommend the specific style and fit of Pointe shoes and necessary accessories. Pre Pointe should be taken in soft shoes until instructed.  

Apparel for class: Black leotard ($16-30) Pink tights ($8 or 2/$15), hair pulled back into a secure bun.  Dress Code to be strictly enforced.

Tuesday, 6:00-6:30 PM        $145 Semester ($135 Members) | $36.25 Monthly