WS20 Teen Ballet (Ages 12+)

Instructor(s): Holly James

Level: Beginner

**The Winter/Spring Dance Semester begins the week of February 10**

WS20 Teen Ballet (Ages 12+)

Holly James

Introductory practice of beginner/intermediate ballet focusing on technique, terminology, and barre work. It is common to stay in each Ballet level at least 2 years before mastering specific position placement and skills. This class is perfect for “Late starters” or teens who had not returned to ballet class for a few years.  Beginners teens will find a place to learn that is age appropriate and comfortable. *AGE OR SKILL BASED PLACEMENT

Pre-Requisite: Age 12+ or 3 years or less of ballet technique

Shoes & Cost: Stretch Ballet shoes ($30)

Apparel for class: Black leotard ($16-30) Pink tights ($8 or 2/$15), hair pulled back into a secure bun.

Tues. 6:30-7:30 PM            $225 Semester ($215 Members) | $56.25 monthly